CAP Training

azcanAzCAN wants to ensure all students receive assistance with planning for postsecondary education and that college access professionals have the knowledge and expertise to provide accurate information to these students.

AzCAN’s College Access Professional (CAP) Training will help you develop an understanding of your role in developing a college-going mission for all students, particularly students in poverty or facing other barriers in postsecondary planning.  CAP Training is provided in six online modules:
  • Building a College-Going Culture for All Students

    Session 1: Understanding The National Workforce Landscape and 21st Century Careers
    Session 2: Cultural Competency and Equity
    Session 3: Understanding, Communicating, and Advocating for the Role of the School Counselor in College and Career Planning
    Session 4: Creating a School-Wide College-Going Culture
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  • College, Career, and Academic Planning 

    Session 1: Supporting Student Career Awareness and Development
    Session 2: Engaging Students in Career and Postsecondary Planning
    Session 3: Using Data to Address Equity and to Guide Academic and Career Planning
    Session 4: Helping Students Make Postsecondary Choices
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  • Financial Aid and College Applications

    Session 1: Guiding Parents and Students through the Complexities of Financial Aid
    Session 2: Assisting with the Financial Aid Process
    Session 3: Preparing for College Admission Tests
    Session 4: Application Process
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  • College and Career Advising in the Middle Grades

    Session 1: Developing a College-Going Culture in Your School
    Session 2: Career Planning
    Session 3: Academic Planning and Transitions
    Session 4: Engaging Middle School Students
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  • College and Career Advising for Special Populations

    Session 1: Understanding and Identifying Special Populations
    Session 2: Building Support Systems for Special Populations
    Session 3: Academic Progress and Planning
    Session 4: Postsecondary Exploration
    Session 5: College Admission Process & Financial Aid
    Session 6: Transition to College
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  • Maximizing School Counselor Impact on Student Success: A Module for School Leaders

    Session 1: The Impact of School Counselors on Student Achievement
    Session 2: Understanding the Role of the School Counselor
    Session 3: Setting Expectations for a Comprehensive School Counseling Program in Your School
    Session 4: Strengthening the School Counselor-Principal Relationship
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The curriculum includes readings, activities and online discussion.  Each module takes approximately 6 weeks and 20 hours to complete. Students who successfully complete a module are eligible for 20 continuing education units.

For information on upcoming CAP Training, contact one of our training partners listed on this page or email our Membership Manager, Shaylinn Aleman at


Upcoming College and Career Readiness

Training Partners

If you are a member of one of these organizations contact them for more information about training customized to your needs.


Contact: Cari Burson
Phone: 520-405-8158


Contact: Minerva Pargas
Phone: 602-223-4052

      Contact: Dr. Joyce DeVoss
      Phone: 520-879-7900

Contact: Teena Olszewski
Phone: 602-776-4657