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Achieve60AZ – Powerful Tool to Align Education Attainment Efforts Across Arizona

Over the last year, I have asked many audiences, this seemingly simple question, “Raise your hands if you know Arizona’s state education attainment goal?” It qualified as a trick question, because until last week, Arizona was one of only a handful of states that did not have an official state attainment goal. On Friday, September the 16th, a group of over 60 community leaders, including College Success Arizona, followed Yogi’s sage advice, and announced the state’s first educational attainment goal. Featuring Governor, Doug Ducey, and several high ranking education and business leaders, the public launch put Achieve60AZ on a great path forward.

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College Success Arizona Scholar Asked to Represent Arizona University Students at Achieve60AZ Press Conference

College Success Arizona Scholar, Lisa Martinez Lopez was asked to represent Arizona’s college students at the roll-out of the state’s new college attainment goal – Achieve60AZ.  Lisa was recognized by Governor Doug Ducey at a Press Conference attended by nearly 200 educators, business leaders, and regional media. Lisa is a college senior, currently attending Arizona […]

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New College Success Arizona Office Assistant has MBA, and Desire to Learn about Nonprofits

College Success Arizona is proud to welcome Nicole Santarsiero to the organization, and to her role as office assistant. By the way, Nicole has an MBA and a strong desire to use her education to help nonprofits and social enterprises operate more efficiently.

Nicole explains, “I’m interested in learning how nonprofits work so that I can use my education and experience to help these organizations operate with greater effect and efficiency. Greater efficiency usually results in saving money, which for nonprofits, can mean more resources can be dedicated toward their core mission.”

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