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Student Support Program

The College Success Arizona Advantage: Reduce Anxiety, Increase Success

College Success Arizona works with students at colleges and universities across Arizona to provide support services that empower them to persist and succeed. These services are designed to supplement existing institutional programs and provide greater personalized support. This support helps students and families protect the significant investment they are making to obtain a college certificate or degree.

Our Services

Personalized Mentoring

Students work with a dedicated success adviser who provides orientation and financial aid advocacy, in-person mentorship and academic counseling, connects students with campus resources, and serves as a caring source of support who is always available via email, text, and phone. 

Academic Tracking

Success advisers help students stay on track by developing personalized academic growth plans, monitoring their academic performance each semester, helping to ensure they are taking the right classes to graduate on time, and providing career skill-building opportunities. 

Peer Networking

We help students to feel a sense of belonging in their community by facilitating peer networking and mentoring opportunities, as well as structured events like our annual Leadership and Networking Symposium. 

College and Career Success Milestones

Our student success services go beyond academics. We provide students integrated supports that help them to manage their personal well-being and graduate ready for a thriving career. Our milestones approach empowers students and helps them see what they need to do to achieve their goals. 

Our Impact

71% graduation rate
(2x Arizona average)

87% freshmen retention rate (19% higher than national average)

75% overall retention rate (since 2007)


All services are provided at: $250 for Fall Term and $250 for Spring Term, for a total of $500 for the full academic year.

Additional charge of $100 for the Leadership Symposium or ropes course activity to happen once a year between Fall and Spring Terms (December/January).

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