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Student Success Networks

March 14th, 2019

According to a recent Arizona State University survey of students, 33% of students felt “overwhelming anxiety,” while another 68% were feeling overwhelmed overall with all they had to do: balancing jobs, school work, and personal relationships. We knew that this was not just an ASU issue, but that it is something that affects our students across the state. Therefore, we made March Health and Wellness month at College Success Arizona. Events and messaging focused on helping students become more self-aware and make choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Weekly tips were sent via text message on loving and taking care of themselves through health and wellness. Some of monthly tips included ideas for a self-care routine, staying safe during spring break, and healthy eating choices for dorm living.

Scholar Success Network events were held at four campuses where students in attendance completed self-care assessments and heard speakers present on the campus resources available to them. Many students learned that they could be doing more to take care of themselves and their mental health. Success Advisers at the network events then assisted students in identifying feasible action plans to help better their mental health and wellness. Overall our scholars were able to learn more about themselves, and even more about the resources available to them on campus to help support them on their journey.

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