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Yudidt Nonthe Sanchez

Mesa, AZ – Yudidt Nonthe Sanchez is planning on becoming a Medical Doctor or Physician Assistant to help people with health challenges. A career choice and life passion that is linked to her own health issues.”

Yudidt explains, “When I was about 15 years old I went through a bad depression and anxiety phase. I wasn’t emotionally well because I didn’t have a lot of friends in high school. Thankfully, I was able to get help through therapy and I started to get more involved in my high school, and my therapist helped me a lot. My plan is either to go to medical school to become a doctor, or enter a master’s program to become a Physician’s Assistant.”

Yudidt adds, “I want to be able to learn more about nutrition because the reason I was depressed is that I was always eating stuff, and a lot junk food, which was damaging my physical, mental and emotional health. That experience caused me to want to help others, and I want to be able to learn more about nutrition, and the importance of what you put in your body as it relates to overall health.”

Yudidt, age 18, was born in Phoenix, and raised in Mesa where she graduated from Westwood High School. She’s now attending Mesa Community College, and plans to transfer to Arizona State University and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition. Yudidt then plans to attend medical school or start a master’s program to become a Physician Assistant.

To date, College Success Arizona has provided scholarships and mentoring services, valued at more than 15-million dollars, to more than 11-hundred students. Each student receives up to six-thousand dollars per year for educational expenses, and specialized mentoring services provided by a team of highly skilled “Success Advisers.”

Robert Davis is Yudidt’s Success Adviser:

“He’s a great mentor and a very friendly guy, and I’m very blessed to have him there, and I’m very blessed to be a College Success Arizona scholar. Robert meets with me on a regular basis and makes sure that I’m staying on track with all of my classes.”

For middle and high school students considering their own college options, Yudidit offers the following advice, “Apply for scholarships and keep on applying. I think a lot of students have the potential in them to get scholarships, but sometimes we think of rejection and failure and don’t pursue those scholarships. There are so many people who are smart and capable of doing anything, but are overcome by those fears.”

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