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Five Points of Success Advising

Our Success Advisers are a key factor to ensuring that students persist through college and graduate with a degree. Our proven approach includes a high level of college know-how combined with a personal touch.


Success Advisers work to create a community for our students, particularly for first-generation college-goers, who may feel lost, alone or overwhelmed when they get to campus. Through peer mentoring opportunities, including pairing older students with younger ones, we strive to create a sense of possibility, security and confidence. Part of this peer mentoring experience is a structured community-service project, providing students an opportunity to give back to the community.


Success Advisers utilize the school’s mapping and course-tracking systems to efficiently guide students to completion of educational goals. In addition to keeping them on track to graduate, Success Advisers also provide coaching and assistance for students when things go wrong. Sometimes students get sick, need to take a semester off, find themselves in a bad roommate situation or their student aid check doesn’t get posted. Success Advisers ensure that students are supported, working with them to overcome whatever obstacles they face, so that they can get back on track.

Campus and Resource Connections 

When students need the help of a tutor, or to address a personal or social issue, Success Advisers know where to point them for assistance. Because Success Advisers know the ins and outs of how a campus works, they can help to make connections with on- and off-campus resources that can help students stay on their paths to success. In Fall 2014, Success Advisers will introduce Study Sauce, an online application that helps guide students through their own personal itineraries, knowing what’s due, when and how to analyze their own study habits.

Support System 

Success Advisers give students someone to turn to. Whether they are acting as a cheerleader, coach, mentor or champion, Success Advisers offer a support system students may not have at home or school.


The relationship between students and Success Advisers is built on mutual trust and accountability. Students know they will be held accountable for actions. They also know that someone cares about what they’re doing—enough to provide a little bit of pressure, at times. Students say they know that their mentor wants them to do well and that they feel a certain amount of responsibility for the funding and personal attention they receive.

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