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Megan Tom

Tempe, AZ – Megan Tom is planning on using her degree from Arizona State University (ASU) to launch a career in education with the Navajo Nation.

Megan explains, “As I attend ASU, I’m trying to figure out what I want to do within educational policy – either as a person who enforces education policy, or works on writing it. I kind of want to work on both ends. So, my dream job would probably be Navajo Nation educational department director.”

Mega, age 21, was born in Phoenix but spent much of her youth in Cameron, Arizona, where her family is from, “I was able to divide my time between those locations, and really I identify both as home because so much has been experienced in both areas, and they’re really fond within my heart.”

Megan graduated from Flagstaff High School and is currently enrolled in Barrett, The Honors College at ASU, where she’s pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature at ASU, “I’ve come a really long way from Flagstaff, Arizona. But what I have been carrying with me is my Navajo culture, in terms of really having the ability to really center myself through my education and through a lot of different experiences.

Megan adds that college has kept her busy beyond the books, “Education is the most important aspect of college for me, but there are also student organizations that I’m involved in.  I’m the President of the American Indian Council, and I’m also a sister of Alpha Pi Omega Sorority. Through these groups, I’ve been able to become part of the ASU community.”

Megan is among the many hard working students who have earned a scholarship from College Success Arizona, which provides up to six-thousand dollars per year for educational expenses. Students also receive specialized mentoring services from “Success Advisers” who act as mentors, helping to guide the students through academic challenges.

Megan says the scholarship has been a game-changer in her college career, “Through College Success Arizona I’ve really been fortunate to be able to gain that security through each semester. With the educational support it’s not just money, but it’s also my educational advisers. Barbra, my current adviser, has been really supportive of what I have been doing in college, and my other advisers have also been really supportive. Learning from my advisers, who have had their college experiences, has really helped me focus on what I need to do, to get going on to the next levels. I’m really looking towards a graduate degree, thanks to my advisers.”

Megan has some advice for middle and high school students who may be considering their own path to college:

“My advice to native youth, and also people within the Flagstaff community, is to look into the college-ready resource programs that are available at Northern Arizona University and other places.For example, I found out about College Success Arizona through the Northern Arizona University talent search.”

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