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Marco Salcido

Flagstaff, AZ – Marco Salcido is a passionate soccer player, who’s pursuing a business degree, and hopes to be the CEO of his own company one day.

Marco explains, “As a long-term career goal I want to become an entrepreneur. I don’t plan on working with a company, or working for anybody – I want to have my own business and employees. I’m hoping to have a steady income in excess of six figures.  At this moment I don’t have anything specific, but in the business world there is endless opportunity, and there are so many pathways you can take. Right now, Internet businesses are really booming and I would like to take my path down there, because there are a lot of ways you can make a lot of profit from selling things online. For example, you can buy things wholesale from China and then sell them on Amazon.”

Marco, age 19, was born in Dallas, Texas but was raised mostly in the Phoenix area. He graduated from South Mountain High School, and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

Marco says attending NAU, and living in Northern Arizona, is very different from Phoenix, “I’ve been in Phoenix for most of my life and I kind of wanted a new experience, and living in Flagstaff is so different than Phoenix, because of the snow and that we get four seasons. So, I thought it would be a cool experience to try something new, and also an opportunity to build more connections, since I already have good connections in Phoenix.”

Marco adds that encouragement from his family is a major motivator to do well in college, and in life:

“My parents emigrated from Mexico where they had to drop out of school at a young age to help pay the bills, and so they came to the US to pursue a better life for their children. I’m doing all of this for my family, because I want to be able to provide for them in the same way that they provided for me.”

Marco is among the many hardworking students who have earned a scholarship from College Success Arizona, which provides up to six-thousand dollars per year for educational expenses, “It’s been very helpful because I always need money for living expenses, which comes in addition to books. So, it’s been very instrumental for me to be able to live comfortably. It’s also been really helpful in that I don’t have to ask my parents for money – I would hate to have to ask them for money.”

In addition to financial support, College Success Arizona provides specialized mentoring services through a highly skilled team of ‘Success Advisers.” Robert Davis is Marco’s success adviser, “Robert is very helpful and he’s always offering advice for me join different clubs. He also helps to motivate me every time that I’m doubting myself, and he’ll give me extra encouragement.”

Beyond the books, and an emerging passion for business – soccer, is a big part of Marco’s life, “I love soccer – it’s my favorite sport and it always will be. I’ve played soccer all of my life, since I was about five years old, and at this point I could play any position because I know the game so well. In high school I played, and in my senior year, we had a very successful year where we won the state championship, which was very cool because we were the first in our district to ever win a championship.”

Marco didn’t let the absence of a soccer team at NAU interfere with his love of the game, “Since NAU doesn’t have an actual soccer team, I’m just doing an intramural soccer team, which I created myself. I’m kind of the team captain, slash coach, which is very exciting.”

Marco has some advice for middle and high school students considering college, “Don’t ever doubt yourself. I know a lot of kids think because they’re from low income circumstances that they don’t have the opportunities available to other people. I actually think they have a lot of opportunity because scholarships are always looking for low income students, and people who don’t have the same upbringing and privileges as others. Also, I’m a big believer in the law of attraction, like attracts like – so, the more you believe in yourself, and the more you believe that something is possible, the more likely it is to happen.”

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