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Lisa Martinez Lopez

Phoenix, AZ – Lisa Martinez Lopez wants to use her education to help small startup businesses in Arizona that don’t have much money.

Lisa explains that working as an intern at the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has helped inspire her career plans, “I want to do general digital marketing for small startup businesses because we’ve had a lot of small businesses or startup businesses that don’t necessarily know – or have the resources to market their company. So I kind of want to help them out because in comparison to these huge corporations in Arizona they don’t necessarily have the same opportunities to branch out to the community in the way that they would want to.”

Lisa, now 21, grew up in Phoenix and graduated from Washington High School. She earned her bachelor’s degree, in business management and marketing, at Arizona State University, in 2017.

Lisa adds that watching small businesses start and grow is an exciting process, “It’s really interesting seeing someone have their own business and know that they’re on the right path when they start having all of these customers and these positive experiences that they set out to accomplish and achieve.”

Lisa earned a scholarship funded by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in partnership with College Success Arizona. The scholarship provides up to six-thousand dollars for educational expenses each school year. Lisa says the money has helped her stay out of debt, “Oh definitely, it’s made a huge difference in my college expenses,  just because I don’t really have to consider loans at this point – which is a great pressure that has been taken off of my shoulders.”

Beyond the money, the scholarship also comes with mentoring services for the students. Lisa says Matt Sotelo, her Success Adviser (mentor) provided by College Success Arizona, has been a great help throughout her college experience:

“He’s amazing and I just love how I can reach out to him and I know that I’ll get an immediate answer with whatever problems I may have.”

Lisa says college has helped her to emerge from being a once-shy high school student, “And now that I’m in college I do have this bigger confidence in myself – mostly because I’m able to speak to people more confidently about what I want to do and not necessarily have to sit there and kind of think about it.”

For middle and high school students considering their own college plans, Lisa offers the following advice, “I would definitely tell them to remember that anything that tries to bring you down, to use it as your motivation to keep going forward – and for anything that you plan on doing in college that you always have a backup plan and steps in place to help you achieve that goal.”

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