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Jazael Carrasco

Jazael Carrasco graduated from Bradshaw Mountain High School and is now pursuing a degree in nursing with a minor in nutritional sciences at the University of Arizona and is on the Dean’s List.

“The biggest thing that I have learned at the UofA is to be sure to be on top of my work and if I do not have anything to do and I am caught up is to get ahead. There is nothing wrong with going forward and seeing what is going to be taught next. It gives an advantage because I am exposed to the material longer and if the material is difficult, I know what to pay closer attention to during the lecture,” Jazael told College Success Arizona.

In his third semester at The University of Arizona, Jazael has shown versatility, involvement, uniqueness, nerve, talent, and above all a strong sense of conviction towards his goals.

He currently works for RHS Staffing as a Nurse Assistant with long-term patients that have been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s or some other mental health disorder. He is also a Nursing Intern at SinfoniaRX, where he updates patient data and reminds them to do an annual medication review.

According to Jazael, through both of these jobs, he has learned to always be on his toes.

“Although I already have a set routine, anything can happen, and I must be ready for anything that may be thrown at me. Dementia patients are not predictable,” he said. “Some days they can be kind and loving and other days can be aggressive and uncooperative. However, the day must go on and providing the best quality care is a must!”

Jazael is also greatly involved in various campus organizations including Blue Chip, which aims to develop inclusive leaders that will engage with their community and optimize their professional skills and next semester he will be a Team Leader for incoming students to the program in the Fall of 2020. He is also a member of Delta Lambda Phi, a fraternity created for men in the LGBTQ+ community, where he serves as the Treasurer and the United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC) Representative. Jazael organized the fraternity’s annual fundraiser Diva in the Desert, an amateur drag show that collectively raised mor than $900.

“Delta Lambda Phi allowed me to meet other queer folks. During my new member process, I did not realize it would be the community and the support that I needed. In my hometown of Prescott Valley, there are some queer folks but not many that were around my age range that could provide support. Delta Lambda Phi helped me grow as a person and helped me accept me for the person I am,” he said.

During his free time Jazael enjoys going to new coffee places around the UofA, getting boba with his friends, exploring new areas, and being out in the wilderness. His plans are to apply to the Nursing College, study abroad in Italy, complete his nutritional sciences minor, and attend his fraternity’s National Convention.

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