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Jatniel Acosta

Since Jatniel Acosta was young, he has been fascinated by how things work and are put together. He is now studying electrical engineering and is excited to one day build things that could help others.

Jatniel started his postsecondary journey at Cochise College where he worked on his prerequisite courses for the engineering program. The courses were tough and in order to pass, Jatniel spent time going to his professors’ office hours and attending tutoring sessions.

Thanks to his hard work in the classroom, Jatniel was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, where he and his peers put on a fundraiser to raise funds for a trip to California during spring break 2020. They met their goal, and got to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios before the pandemic brought everything to a standstill. In addition to having fun, Jatniel and the rest of the group from Cochise spent an afternoon collecting trash at one of the beaches. It was an amazing experience for Jatniel – not only was it his first trip to Disneyland, but it was his first trip outside of Arizona.

Jatniel also gave back to his community through his involvement with the TRIO Club and Disaster Relief Club on his campus. These clubs put on events for the community including an annual Relay for Life and a toy drive for an orphanage in Aqua Prieta, Mexico.

Along with his fascination of engineering, Jatniel has a passion for helping others. It comes from his humble beginnings. Living in Douglas, Arizona, every weekend he crosses the border to spend time with his parents in Mexico. He helps with chores, taking care of their animals, and taking care of his younger siblings. On Monday mornings. Jatniel gets in line to cross back to Douglas by 5 a.m. in order to make it to his 8 a.m. class. During the week, he stays with his grandparents in Douglas, helping them around the house when he’s not studying or handling his duties as Vice President of the TRIO Club.

College has opened up doors of new leadership and life experiences for Jatniel. This upcoming fall, Jatniel will continue his postsecondary journey at the University of Arizona as part of the College of Engineering in Tucson. Although this year will look a little different due to pandemic restrictions, Jatniel is well-prepared to find success and make an impact in this world.

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