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Emabil Blanco

Tucson, AZ – Emabil Blanco is married with a young son and plans on a career as a social worker after graduating from the University of Arizona.

Emabil, a 21-year-old senior at the U of A pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Work,  explains that she has worked hard and slept little while raising her two-year-old son and attending college, “College is hard and it’s really stressful. Being a mom is even more stressful to a certain point. Doing both of them together is – how do I describe it? It’s just insane. It’s a very sleepless adventure, I haven’t slept eight hours since I got pregnant.”

Emabil adds that her family has been super helpful, “My husband pretty much quit school so that I could continue going to school while at the same time providing for both of us and our son. My mom was also a big part of this – she helped by watching the baby whenever I attended class and needed her. My husband’s parents have also helped a lot – so, I think it took a lot of family and team work to do this.”

Emabil says she is looking forward to working as a social worker, “I’m leaning toward case work, helping others with their health and things like that.”

Emabil was born in Sacramento and raised in that city and also in Mexico, until her family moved to Tucson where she started her freshman year of high school and later graduated from Sunnyside High School. She went on to earn a scholarship from College Success Arizona which provides specialized mentoring services and up to six-thousand dollars per year for educational purposes.

Emabil says her Success Adviser Matt Sotelo has provided valuable guidance:

“Matt was very helpful in helping me figure out my options with the scholarship after I learned that I was pregnant. It all worked out very well, and he was really helpful.”

For middle and high school students who may be considering their own college experience, Emabil says all things are possible.

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