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Daniela Marquez

Daniela Marquez, a Junior at Arizona State University (ASU), is pursuing a degree in Biomedical Sciences and Community Health with a minor in Spanish. She finds it intriguing how the human body operates and the importance of medical research and wants to be a pediatrician.

“I want to be a Pediatrician in Oncology, which studies children with cancer and advanced disease,” Daniela said. “My goal is to be part of a foundation helping children in rural areas in South America with advanced diseases such as cancer and diabetes so they can receive better treatment.”

She currently works as a success coach and desk aide at ASU where she has “learned to improve professional skills, develop goals, manage time commitments, and set-up better goals by helping students in their first year of transition to college.” And more recently as a medical scribe in the oncology unit at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, which has taught her an extensive base of medical knowledge and also given her hands-on exposure in a clinical setting.

This summer, Daniela worked as a paramedic and medical intern at the San Luis Fire Department where she was able to provide first-aid treatment or life support care to sick or injured patients as well as help transport patients to medical facilities.

“It was a great experience being part of a great team of firefighters who risk their lives always to save lives,” she said about the experience.

Daniela has also been an office specialist scribe at St. Joseph’s Hospital Center where she assisted nursing staff with one-on-one care of premature and neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) newborns.

This semester, Daniela has experienced many changes.

“My experience during this global pandemic has been an adventure and transitioning from in-person to online was a bit of a struggle at first because I was used to a routine of going to campus and work,” she said. “When everything went online, I had a hard time concentrating in my classes. What helps me during this time is keeping a planner with daily goals so I would feel motivated to not lose focus on my school.”

For the upcoming year, Daniela said she plans to keep studying for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and prepare for medical school next year. In the summer of 2021, she will be participating in a Pre-Medical Pediatric Program in Guatemala during the first half and participate in the Pediatric Medical Studies Research Program at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania for Biomed-Undergraduate students in the second half.

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