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Alondra Bugarin

Alondra Bugarin grew up in Prescott Valley and attended Bradshaw Mountain High School where she took advantage of all the resources available to her. Her senior year she applied to the school’s competitive Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program and was accepted. That summer she worked as a CNA.

She knew nursing was her calling from a young age after witnessed first-hand how helpful and warm nurses were during her family’s time of a need. Now she is working on becoming a registered nurse with a focus on pediatric medicine.

Leaving Prescott Valley, where she was surrounded by the warmth of home and her family, was scary for Alondra, but she had been accepted to Grand Canyon University and was excited.

Once she was on campus, she was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to meet new people. She got along with her roommates and started feeling more at ease with this new journey.

Last semester she took the time to study hard for the entrance exam for the nursing program and recently found out that she was accepted!
Alondra will officially begin the program this summer and will be done a whole year early. She is ecstatic for this opportunity and looking forward to learning more about nursing.

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