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Ahjahna Graham

Ahjahna is currently a senior at ASU majoring in Political Sciences. She graduated from Westview high school and opted to become a proud Sun Devil. Through her last four years, she has become very involved and taken advantages of the many resources ASU has to offer. Her involvement first began by being part of ASU’s Early Start program. There she learned the value of networking with professors as well as other students. Later, she joined the Senate Page program which gave her the opportunity to observe the Arizona Legislative process. “Working at the Arizona State Senate ignited my passion to learn more about our education and health policies.”

Last summer she was accepted into ASU’s Capitol Scholar Program. This program allowed her to work as an Intern for the US House of Representatives. There she worked alongside policy advisors that focused specifically on health and higher education issues. During her two months on Capitol Hill she was able to visit museums, attend networking events and dine at exclusive restaurants. Her favorite moment was being able to see the Beach Boys at a 4th of July concert!

She shares with us, “Becoming a CSA Scholar has given me the opportunity to join and apply for any program, job/event without the fear of any financial burdens. Although I do struggle with my living expenses, being awarded the scholarship has given me a peace of mind so that I can focus on developing my professional skill set. In addition, this program provided me with a mentor that I consider to be a true friend! My CSA Adviser, Violeta Ramos helped me overcome many challenges and for that I’m so happy to have her and the whole CSA team in my life.”

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