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Adeli Valledares

Tempe, AZ – Adeli Valledares, inspired by her family, is working toward becoming a medical doctor so that she can help children.

Adeli explains, “It’s actually my brothers, who are mentally disabled, and seeing their struggles and seeing how they are. really just made me appreciate kids a lot more. I want to help as many kids as possible, and I think that medicine is the best way to do that. I think I really started growing up in high school when I started volunteering at a hospital, and that’s when it really became set in stone that medicine is what I want to do.”

Adeli, age 19, graduated from North High School in Phoenix and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science at Arizona State University.

Becoming a medical doctor requires a bachelor’s degree, four years of medical school, and then a residency. Adeli says she understands that the road ahead is long, and full of challenge:

“Medical school is very competitive and I’m just going to give it my all. I know that realistically, I may not get into medical school on my first try, but I’m just going to keep going until I do. It’s what I want, so I am just going to keep fighting for it.”

Meanwhile, Adeli says transitioning from high school to college has required some adjusting, “The transition was pretty major, because in high school you’re used to seeing the same people over and over again. But in college, it really is all up to you, to put yourself out there and try to make the best of it, and really understand that you have to be independent. During the first semester especially, you’re going to have to learn to be more lonely and meet new people who are really different from you, and they’re different from the high school environment, because they’re a lot more mature.”

Adeli adds that she’s enjoying college, “I really think the best part of college is the flexibility we have. In high school, everything is so set in stone. The teachers and counselors give you your schedule and they tell what you need to do, and you have a pretty strict set of classes. But in college you’re able to become more independent and see what you want to do. Also, the classes are more enjoyable because you understand that if you want to learn more, you have to study harder and put in the effort.”

Adeli is among the many hardworking students from low income circumstances who have earned a scholarship from College Success Arizona. In addition to financial support of up to six-thousand dollars per year, students also receive specialized mentoring services from a team of highly skilled “Success Advisers.”

Robert Davis is Adeli’s Success Adviser, “Whenever I really need someone to talk to who’s not a parent or someone at the college, he’s (Robert) really there. Robert is very friendly and easy to talk to, which makes it easier for me – to talk about the struggles, especially the transition from high school to college. He’s been very nice and open about hearing what I was going through, and he’s always making sure that my academics are where they need to be.”

Adeli says the financial aspect of the scholarship has been a huge help, “To get this scholarship was amazing and without it I probably would have struggled more financially. Not only am I going to succeed, but I’m going to continue and I’m not going quit half way, and I’m going to really use the money wisely and not disappoint the College Success people.”

Adeli has some advice for middle and high school students who may be considering college, “You have to want it. It has to come from you, and if you don’t want it, it’s not going to happen, because you have to fight for what you want. You have to put yourself out there to get what you want, and there are people out there who do want to help you succeed. There are scholarships and mentors, and people who are going to support you, if you are willing to work for it and willing to ask for the help.”

Since 2005, College Success Arizona has worked with nearly 1,300 students, and provided more than 16 million dollars in scholarships and success services to help increase the college attainment rate in Arizona. If you would like to be part of the mission of providing educational opportunity to high potential students from low income backgrounds, your tax deductible contribution can be made through the “Donate” button on the top of this page.

Your support can help change lives.

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