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Staphany Ramirez

Success Adviser

College Success Arizona is fortunate to have Staphany Ramirez as a Success Adviser, helping to guide first-generation students through their college journey.

Staphany, born and raised in the Phoenix area, brings a unique perspective to her role at College Success Arizona, herself having earned a College Success Arizona scholarship and graduating from Arizona State University, “My journey with College Success Arizona began in 2012 as a scholar. Myrna Cardenas, who is now my boss, was my success adviser throughout my undergraduate career. After graduating, she continued to mentor me with the new chapter of my life, the workforce. My favorite part of working with students is to be part of the journey. Personally, having a mentor had a huge impact in my life. Knowing that I can be that support to other students is a privilege. Arizona has given me so much! I envision an educational system where each student receives the same treatment and access to resources.”

Prior to joining the team at College Success Arizona worked as an Educational Outreach Specialist with the Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program.

Find out more about Staphany in her “Meet Our Team” interview.

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