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Closing the Gap Graduate Spotlights Student Spotlights

Consuelo Arroyo

“I do a lot of networking at ASU and just by getting involved in my community and volunteering at different places, I’ve been meeting so many new people that have the same sustainability passion. Just recently, I volunteered as a bike valet which required me to check in peoples’ bikes at an event. But, through doing that I learned about the Urban Phoenix Project, which is a nonprofit which supports alternative modes of transportation, and I want to get more involved in this project. There are just so many networking opportunities here.” – Consuelo Arroyo, College Success Arizona Scholar, and Arizona State University Freshman, who’s found her passion in sustainability, and hopes to make a difference in the world.

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Kevin Nguyen

“Everybody goes through their own challenges in college, and you have to have the mindset to push forward and keep on going. I know it may be hard and a lot of people usually give up, but once you get through it, it feels so much better.” – Kevin Nguyen, College Success Arizona Scholar, and University of Arizona student, from Tucson, who wants to be able to help others through the skills he’s learned while earning his degree in Engineering.

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