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Closing the Gap Graduate Spotlights Student Spotlights

Salvador Macias

This episode features Salvador Macias, College Success Arizona Scholar, and Arizona State University graduate, who earned his Law Degree in May and is now working as an Immigration Attorney, in Phoenix. “My mom always told me, considering my immigration status, she always told me, ‘If one day you want to be American, you have to do well in school.” And, that was the thing that motivated me starting from preschool and onward. Thankfully, it kept me motivated and got my grades up, and even once I started college and my parents didn’t understand it (college), they still made it a point to encourage me and tell me how proud they were, and they helped me out in any they could.”

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February 2018 Edition of Closing the Gap

In this edition, we feature the latest Blog Post from College Success Arizona’s President and CEO, Rich Nickel “Changing the ‘narrow and sometimes elitist image of higher education’”, an update on the Achieve60AZ initiative, from the new Executive Director, Rachel Yanof, a spotlight on Robin Martinez, College Success Arizona from Parker, working toward his Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies, with the long-term goal of becoming a civil rights attorney, and more.

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Robin Martinez

“I’ve always enjoyed studying civil rights and the rights of others, and the law itself. It’s always fascinated me that there are so many facets to the law, and how as a civil rights attorney it will be my job to protect those individual rights, as wells as the rights and freedoms of all people…” – College Success Arizona Scholar, and Arizona State University student, from Parker, Arizona, Robin Martinez, who’s working toward his Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies, and has the long-term goal of being a civil rights attorney

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