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PodCasts are not available on stories written before February 2016

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Inaugural edition of the College Success Arizona Podcast, featuring an interview with CSA Scholar, Trey Begaye (April, 2017)

Closing the Gap – The Newsletter of College Success Arizona

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Graduate Spotlights

Aimee Rodriguez (Audio PodCast)

Alfredo Nava  (Audio PodCast)

Andrew Garcia  (Audio PodCast)

Anselmo Vargas (Audio PodCast)

Brittany Begaye (Audio PodCast)

Edlyn Ruiz  (Audio PodCast)

Lindsey Fernandez  (Audio PodCast)

Lupita De Los Santos  (Audio PodCast)

Marie Aquino  (Audio PodCast)

Marquis Quarles (Audio PodCast)

Monica Contreras  (Audio PodCast)

Naiby Rodriguez (Audio PodCast)

Nayeli Apablasa

Paola Mendoza  (Audio PodCast)

Trey Begaye (Audio PodCast)

Student Spotlights

Aaron Garcia  (Audio PodCast)

Adalberto Hurtado  (Audio PodCast)

Adeli Valledares  (Audio PodCast)

Adrian Valdovinos  (Audio PodCast)

Ahjahna Graham  (Audio PodCast)

Alajandra Fuentes  (Audio PodCast)

Alejandra Alvarado  (Audio PodCast)

Alma Serrano  (Audio PodCast)

Amber Rayes  (Audio PodCast)

Andrea Anguiano  (Audio PodCast)

Aneth Mejia  (Audio PodCast)

Angela Ponce  (Audio PodCast)

Anna Flores  (Audio PodCast)

Audree Adams-Dupont

Berenis Reyes  (Audio PodCast)

Brandon Preciado  (Audio PodCast)

Carlos Macias  (Audio PodCast)

Carolina Aguirre  (Audio PodCast)

Channeyla Garcia  (Audio PodCast)

Ciara Traynor  (Audio PodCast)

Crystal Peralta  (Audio PodCast)

Crystal Perez  (Audio PodCast)

Diana Saboria  (Audio PodCast)

Diana Sanchaz  (Audio PodCast)

Dina De Leon  (Audio PodCast)

DJ Stroughter  (Audio PodCast)

Duyanh Nguyen  (Audio PodCast)

Dwane Martin Gomez  (Audio PodCast)

Eden Eaton  (Audio PodCast)

Edgar Cruz  (Audio PodCast)

Eduardo Gallardo Consalez  (Audio PodCast)

Eliazar Rodriguez  (Audio PodCast)

Elizabeth Arevelo  (Audio PodCast)

Emabil Blanco  (Audio PodCast)

Eriberto Giron  (Audio PodCast)

Erik Heet  (Audio PodCast)

Erika Aguirre  (Audio PodCast)

Erika Garcia  (Audio PodCast)

Francisco Fernandez  (Audio PodCast)

Guillermo Cruz  (Audio PodCast)

Hector Trujillo  (Audio PodCast)

Hector Vazqauez  (Audio PodCast)

Itzel Garcia  (Audio PodCast)

Jacqueline Rodriguez  (Audio PodCast)

James Shaffer (Audio PodCast)

Jennifer Luna  (Audio PodCast)

Jenny Ung  (Audio PodCast)

Jessica Chavez  (Audio PodCast)

Jesus Rios  (Audio PodCast)

Jesus Valenzuela (Audio PodCast)

Joey Graham  (Audio PodCast)

Jonathan Yamasaki  (Audio PodCast)

Josephina Chavez  (Audio PodCast)

Jovanna Figueroa  (Audio PodCast)

Karina Garcia  (Audio PodCast)

Kazandra Katzorke (Audio PodCast)

Keemesha Shay  (Audio PodCast)

Kindra Holliday  (Audio PodCast)

Laura Cabrera Medina (Audio PodCast)

Leonor Amaya (Audio PodCast)

Lisa Martinez Lopez  (Audio PodCast)

Luis Perez Medina  (Audio PodCast)

Marc Sanchez  (Audio PodCast)

Marco Salcido  (Audio PodCast)

Maria Arteaga  (Audio PodCast)

Maria Flores Gasca  (Audio PodCast)

Megan Tom  (Audio PodCast)

Melissa Calderon  (Audio PodCast)

Melissa Sepulveda  (Audio PodCast)

Michael Garcia  (No Audio PodCast available)

Miguel Solorio  (Audio PodCast)

Miranda Contreras  (Audio PodCast)

Patt Intarakamhang  (Audio PodCast)

Paty Gohnzalez  (Audio PodCast)

Perla Bujanda  (Audio PodCast)

Sabra Ali  (Audio PodCast)

Salvador Macias  (No Audio PodCast available)

Sarah Hernandez  (Audio PodCast)

Scott Koch  (Audio PodCast)

Tatianna Alvarado  (Audio PodCast)

Taylor Delao  (Audio PodCast)

Taylor Tran  (Audio PodCast)

Thao Phan  (Audio PodCast)

Yesenia Rodriguez  (Audio PodCast)

Yocasta Moreno  (Audio PodCast)

Yudidt Nonthe Sanchez (Audio PodCast)

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