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Closing the Gap Graduate Spotlights Student Spotlights

Sirrene Ayyad

In this episode, we feature Sirrene Ayyad, a College Success Arizona, small business owner, and single mother, “It just takes some hard work to do what you want to do, but most importantly anyone can do it, if you just work hard.” Sirrene is attending Estrella Mountain Community College, working to fulfill her dream of becoming a dentist.

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Shayla Felix

“When I started college I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But, then I started volunteering at a community center in the area where I grew up, which is a very low-income neighborhood. Once I started mentoring the kids, and helping out in the community, and being able to go to those individuals houses and meet with them, and talk to them, and provide them with resources and food from St. Mary’s Food Bank – that’s when I knew that I wanted to help people out, and that’s how I got into social work.” – Shayla Felix, College Success Arizona Scholar, and Arizona State University graduate, currently helping out children in our community in her role as a social worker.

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