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Increasing College Readiness Across the State

College Success Arizona is proud to partner with organizations and individuals who are helping to prepare students to be ready for a rigorous academic and leadership role in college. These organizations also partner with College Success Arizona to prepare high-potential, low-income students to qualify for and receive our substantial college scholarship.

Our College Access Partners create a pipeline of College Success Arizona scholarship
applicants by:

  • Working with students of high school age or younger
  • Working with students that will be first-time college enrollees
  • Providing college preparation programs that guide students in required high school coursework for acceptance into a state university or community college
  • Providing mentoring to help students be better prepared for the challenges of postsecondary education
  • Assisting and following up with students with regard to scholarship application processes
  • Devoting time to the selection of College Success Arizona scholarship nominees

Our College Access Partners include:

Join Us

If you are a member of an organization that you think matches the profile of our College Access Partners but is not listed here, or if you work for or know of an organization that works with high-potential, low-income students interested in graduating from college, please contact Myrna Cardenas.

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