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Our Partners

Getting more students to graduate from college in Arizona is a goal shared by many organizations across the state. At College Success Arizona, we know we can’t do this alone. Through strategic and intentional partnerships—with nonprofit organizations, business and industry leaders and committed individuals across Arizona—College Success Arizona is reaching more students and improving more communities. Our College Access Partners help prepare students for the rigors of college and provide a pipeline of students who are qualified for College Success Arizona scholarships. Our Scholarship Partners provide generous annual contributions that make it possible for College Success Arizona to award scholarships. Our Mentoring Partners have scholarship programs of their own but work with College Success Arizona to provide mentoring and advisory services that increase the chances that these students will persist in and graduate from college.

Together with our partners, College Success Arizona is able to get more students into college and to provide the financial, personal and motivational supports that help prepare them for careers and life.

Our College Access Partners

Click here to learn more about the organizations partnering with us to prepare high-potential, low-income students to qualify for and receive substantial college scholarships.

Our Scholarship Partners

Click here to learn more about the people and organizations who provide scholarship funds to College Success Arizona to support first-generation Latino and low-income college students.

Our Mentoring Partners

Click here to learn more about organizations that rely on College Success Arizona for mentoring and other student success services to help ensure that the college students in their own scholarship programs have the support they need to graduate from college.

Partner Events

Learn more about our signature annual events here.

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