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College Success Arizona: Our Efforts in Focus

It is difficult to overstate the importance of education beyond high school to the future prospects of Arizona’s young people. Earning a college certificate or degree can empower them to seize opportunities in our dynamic and increasingly high-tech economy that would otherwise be out of reach. This is more than a matter of concern for […]

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State’s Financial Aid System Needs Some Help of Its Own

Arizona has some of the largest and most recognized universities and community colleges in the nation, and together, they fulfill a critical role in preparing our state’s future workforce. 

Yet of the $2.4 billion spent on financial aid, nearly all is spent at the four-year college level. And less than one-half of 1 percent of that cash comes from state appropriations. The remainder is generated from within the institutions. Worse, there is no institutional aid program for students who choose to attend a community college or for career readiness.

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Meet our Team – Rich Nickel

This is the 12th in the series of interviews with people working to increase the attainment rate in Arizona.

Continuing with this feature, and throughout the rest of this year, we’ll be taking a closer look at the College Success Arizona team, the people that make all that we do happen.  We’ll be asking the normal “tell us a little about yourself” questions, but also delving a little deeper into each team member’s personality, and what makes them who they are.

This month’s subject is Violeta Ramos, Success Adviser, at College Success Arizona.

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