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Our Scholarships

The 2019-2020 College Success Arizona Scholarship has closed. If you have any questions, please email us at:



  • Up to $6,000 per year ($2,000 – $3,000 per semester) for 4 years
  • Intended for students planning to obtain a bachelor’s degree within 4 years; beginning your education at a community college for the first 2 years is an option
  • Mentoring and Success Services (see below)

 Mentoring and Success Services*:

  • Quarterly coaching/mentoring from a dedicated Success Adviser
  • Peer networking sessions, trainings, and workshops
  • Links to on-campus resource centers
  • Internship and Career Support

*Although we only have a limited number of scholarships to award, College Success Arizona is proud to provide Mentoring and Success Services to the majority of our applicants.


Other “non-College Success Arizona” scholarships may be available.  A partial list is available here

What College Success Arizona Scholarships Include


College Success Arizona has several scholar programs. In addition to significant scholarship dollars, students receive a network of support services, including on-campus mentoring, coaching from the College Success Arizona team, and regular group workshops and trainings. All College Success Arizona scholars receive structured and ongoing mentoring and advisory services, along with their scholarship’s financial award.


This typically includes:

A structured initial orientation that helps students immediately understand the scholarship, mentoring and peer networking opportunities they will participate in

  • Three or more face-to-face mentoring sessions on the student’s campus, and customized and tailored to address the scholar’s specific needs
  • Participation, twice per semester, in Scholar Success Network – an original College Success program that includes peer mentoring, student professional development, networking and social supports.
  • Additional tailored professional development through structured events and workshops, including:
    • An Annual Leadership and Networking Symposium
    • Brokered networking opportunities with business, policy and organizational leaders across the state
    • Workshop on interviewing, resume-building and workforce training
    • Opportunities to speak to civic and business leaders
    • Internships in workplaces across the state
    • Other career development opportunities
  • Ongoing structured supports from our Success Advisers and other members of the College Success Arizona team that may include:
    • Guidance and goal setting through the implementation of the College Success Arizona Career, Academic, and Life Milestones plan
    • Scheduled academic analysis and advice on college transfers
    • The development of a “Major Map” that outlines the path of courses a student needs to stay on track, semester to semester, year after year
    • Financial aid advice that helps a student navigate their own individual package of grants, loans and work-study options.

If not for College Success Arizona, I would likely have gone to a community college and would still be working on my bachelor’s degree for another year or two. I certainly wouldn’t be headed to Europe to get a different perspective on the medical field’s approach to neurological disorders.

-Nayeli, Graduate Student, Clinical Neuroscience, ASU

Our Advisory Services

Click here to learn more about our comprehensive list of specific structured support services and tools that comprise College Success Arizona’s proven approach to significantly increasing a student’s chances of completing college.

How To Apply

Interested in applying for a scholarship—or recommending a student for one? Click here.

Scholarship Eligibility

Click here to learn more about the eligibility requirements for College Success Arizona scholarships.

Partner Organizations

To learn more about our College Preparatory Partner Organizations, or how you can become one, click here.

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