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Advisory Services

College Success Arizona has spent nearly a decade creating a structured and specific set of services that support students from the time they get a scholarship until the day they earn their college diploma. These services have been refined and updated over time, based on findings from our interactions with students, financial aid and admissions offices and from our own student surveys.  

Our Proven Approach

College Success has a track record of proven success in helping students achieve their dream of college completion. Here are our specific services that, together, comprise our recipe for ensuring college success.

“I can remember opening the letter. When I found out I had received a four-year scholarship from College Success Arizona, it was a relief. The scariest thing was how I was going to pay for college. Someone believed in me and thought I had potential. They wanted me to go to school. I felt very fortunate. I felt very blessed.”

-Marquis, Graduate, Arizona State University

Advisory Services

  • New Scholar Orientation

    Our New Scholar Orientation provides a shared experience for new scholars and also serves as a ceremonial induction into that year’s cohort. The orientation shares information that structures both the relationship with Success Advisers and with college itself, outlining measures of success and key milestones along the way that set the stage for the high expectations and mutually accountable relationship between scholars and Success Advisers. Highlights of the orientation include the presentation of a handwritten letter of encouragement from a prior successful scholar, and the introduction of software and resources that are meant to help students succeed in earning degrees.

  • Dedicated College Success Adviser

    Our Success Advisers are experts with a true passion for helping students. They are the key to the success of our program and to our scholars’ success. Scholars may interact with multiple Success Advisers over the four years of their college tenure. Each of the Success Advisers develop a relationship with the students to know their stories and goals. They are also focused on making recommendations and helping to identify resources that will ensure the student’s college success.

  • In-Person Success Adviser Mentoring Sessions

    These regular, face-to-face personal interactions are a centerpiece of the College Success Arizona case-management approach. Our Success Advisers set regular appointments each semester with students in their own environment, typically on campus, to build relationships, provide coaching & mentoring advice, to make referrals, and identify individual and collective student needs.

  • Ongoing e-Communications and e-Mentoring

    We consider the mutually accountable relationships between our Success Advisers and scholars as the “secret sauce” to our successful mentoring program. Consistent, as-needed communications—whether by phone, text, Skype or other electronic means that supplement our face-to-face interactions—help scholars understand that they have direct access to someone who cares and can help. Whether they have an immediate question about a class schedule, financial aid form or trouble with a roommate, scholars can reach out and get assistance. Through ongoing communications, our Success Advisers also send out regular alerts—to remind students of important dates and to ensure College Success Arizona tracks all student data, grades and courses.

  • FAFSA and Financial Aid Guidance

    Financial aid is one of the biggest challenges our scholars face, and filling out the FAFSA forms is one of the biggest financial aid challenges. The College Success Arizona team has a high level of experience in financial aid issues of all kinds, and we offer both high-level advice on meeting students’ financial needs (including advice on Pell grants and student loans, for example) as well as specific tactical assistance on filling out financial aid forms. Beyond that, our Success Advisers help connect students with resources on and off campus that can help smooth the way for them financially. And, when needed, we will go to bat for students to help them get answers to financial aid issues.

  • Academic and Enrollment Counseling

    College Success Arizona specializes in academic counseling. We do not offer specific academic tutoring, but we help connect students to the resources on campus where they can find it. In addition, we support students in making enrollment decisions to ensure that they are on track in the current semester and are moving toward the next semester. Our counseling starts the summer before our scholars’ freshman year and continues each semester. If students change universities at any time during their college career, we also help navigate them through the application and transfer process.

  • Schedule, Transfer and Graduation Analysis

    Particularly when scholars come from a community college, our Success Advisers have become adept at making sure they get and stay on track in the university setting. One way we do this is to offer a second opinion on schedules and classes and how these line up to what’s needed to navigate successfully in a chosen major. In this way, our Success Advisers become experts in transfer analysis, helping to make sure that students stay on track academically and don’t stay in school longer than they need to.

  • Peer Networking (Scholar Success Network)

    Introduced in the 2012-13 academic year, this peer mentoring opportunity is off to a successful start and has quickly become a favorite of scholars. Scholar Success Network meets two times per semester on each Arizona university campus and deliberately creates an atmosphere for scholars to meet each other and share professional and leadership development experiences together. In addition to the value of the meetings themselves, we are seeing a significant byproduct: Students feel the positive psychological effects of belonging to a group and knowing that there are others with similar experiences—on their own campus and across the state.

  • Annual Leadership and Networking Symposium

    This professionally designed and managed symposium is one of our signature events for scholars. Scheduled between semesters and during the winter break, the event routinely draws at least 250 scholars together for a day of team building, networking and tactical sessions aligned to the students current needs. Like employees attending a professional development conference, students tailor their schedules for the day to attend sessions of their interest, such as those on career and financial advice, job marketing, and interpreting transcripts in relation to career goals. In addition, the symposium features a series of powerful motivational speakers who focus on issues of leadership and performance. The symposium is also a networking opportunity where scholars interact throughout the day with other students who have College Success Arizona scholarships and thus have similar backgrounds and experiences.

  • Academic Tracking and Semester Checkup

    Our Success Advisers are here to help students get through each semester successfully and keep moving toward matriculation. Each semester, we look at each scholar’s progress and talk with them about whether they have passed each of the classes they need to meet their goals and the requirements of their major. This regular tracking also enables College Success Arizona to report to individual funders on the progress of the scholars they support, sharing grades and other data on how their scholars are progressing.

  • Academic Growth Plans

    Guidance and goal setting through the implementation of the College Success Arizona Career, Academic, and Life Milestones plan – when scholars are not performing up to their potential, for whatever reasons, Success Advisers provide individual academic growth plans that guide each student through a path to get back on track. This sometimes includes remediation. These Academic Growth Plans are one way our Success Advisers go the extra mile for students who are struggling academically, helping them to get them back on track and outlining additional expectations for staying there.

How To Apply

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Tapping Our Advisory Services

Are you a student interested in receiving these advisory services? Or are you part of another scholarship program and want to significantly increase the chance that your students complete college?  Contact our Director Of Partnership Development And Success Services via email, or call College Success Arizona today at 602-636-1850.

Our Team

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