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College Success Arizona’s Website Has a New Look

August 4th, 2016

Our organization has changed since 2005, when former Governor Janet Napolitano, met with key education stakeholders to develop what was then the Arizona College Scholarship Foundation.

Since that time, we’ve provided over $15.4 million in scholarships and success services to more than 1,100 Pell Grant Eligible Arizona students, attending Arizona colleges and universities.

In 2014, we became College Success Arizona, to better fit our enhanced mission and vision. When we changed our name, we also debuted the College Success Arizona website. That was a little more than two years ago, and now we’ve expanded again.

New Website for Newsletter2With the additional services we provide, we felt it was time for a website refresh. Working with local vendor, Falling Up Media, an enhanced was unveiled on July 25th.

“We wanted a site where people could find what they’re looking for with just a couple of clicks,” said Greg Hyland, College Success Arizona’s Director of Communications and Engagement. “We also wanted to expand the information we provide. We’re more than just an organization that provides scholarships.”

The continuous changes in technology and the way people access information meant the new site had to be able to provide that flexibility. The site also had to be scalable for use on all types of mobile devices. This new design provides that scalability, where the screens change, depending on the type of device you’re viewing it on.

For ease of use, sections of the new site have been expanded to include “Who We Are”, with information about our organization, “Student Success Services”, which provides information about our scholarships, and their eligibility requirements, as well as our success partners, our advisory services, and other college prep information.

The “AzCAN” section has information on the states college access network, their professional development opportunities, and the standards toolkit. “College Attainment and the Economy” provides information on why raising Arizona’s attainment rate is important to the economic viability of our state.  The “Resources” section provides links to our latest news, blog posts, our recent publications, additional scholarship information, and helpful college hints, as well as guest articles and links to information provided by our education partners.

“Newsroom” links to student stories, podcasts, press releases and other information for the news media.  There’s also a new student portal, ways to sign up for our newsletters, and an easy to use Donate button, so you can help support the services College Success Arizona provides.

Some of the best features are a scrolling news feed, for a one-click link to our latest information, an expanded Student Success Stories section of the website, and links to our audio podcasts. WeWebsite - Student Stories for Newsletter currently feature 55 College Success Arizona Scholar’s stories with more being added all the time. Take a minute and read about our amazing students.

“We really hope our new site provides quick access to the information our customers want,” said Rich Nickel, College Success Arizona’s President and CEO. “Our goal is to be the go to source for information on college attainment, and student success, in our state.

For more information about College Success Arizona and the services we provide, contact Greg Hyland, CPM, College Success Arizona’s Director of Communications and Engagement.

College Success Arizona is building public will for college completion and providing a unique combination of scholarships and mentoring that increase college graduation rates among low-income and first-generation students across the state.  We do this through; providing scholarships and mentoring support services, building partnerships with college access programs and scholarship programs, raising the awareness of the importance of college completion, and the support of more than 200 college access and success organizations throughout the state.

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