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College Success Arizona Student Statistics

college success arizona student statistics

College Success Arizona has helped thousands of students, even those with significant challenges, persist and graduate.

71% Graduation Rate

Our graduation rate is 2x the State average

87% Freshman Retention Rate

Our retention rate is 19% higher than the National average

Many students are not prepared for the transition from high school to college. Freshman year is when the most students drop out of college. CSA Success Advisers help ensure students are successful and stay in school. Our freshman retention rates are well above state and national averages.

College Success Arizona has an excellent track record of providing supports that help students succeed in college and in their careers after college. In addition to the scholarships they receive, our students benefit from comprehensive mentoring and advising services that enable them to overcome challenges, take advantage of opportunities, and build skills that are important for success.

Our Student Statistics

We rank high on key measures of student success, including GPA, loan debt, graduation rates and career plans.

Success Advisers provide holistic professional support that is crucial to ensuring a strong academic record of SUCCESS! GPA starts strong freshman year and stays above 3.30 through senior year, even with the many additional Milestones CSA Scholars are encouraged to complete throughout their college career.

Our Success Advisers work hard to shape a similar experience for scholars regardless of institution attended.

Our scholars learn early on to utilize scholarship resources to keep loan debt to a minimum.

For the class of 2016 the National Average of Debt was more than $35,000 and in Arizona $23,447.

80% of CSA scholars have zero loan debt.

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