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The College Access to Success Continuum

Learning About

Providing timely access to reliable information about the different higher education pathways-including certificate, associate’s degree, and bachelor’s degree programs-as well as funding options, is essential to ensuring that students and families across Arizona are able to make knowledgeable decisions about their education and future.

Getting Into

Applying to and enrolling in college is a difficult and complicated process that many students and families are not well-prepared for, even if they are certain that college is the right choice for them. Helping students know what they need to do to apply to their chosen institutions, what their financial aid options are, and who to turn to for advice is key to increasing access to higher education in Arizona.

Graduating From College

Once students have enrolled in college, they often face numerous academic and financial hurdles that stand between them and success. Programs and services designed to help students overcome these obstacles-such as mentoring and advisory services and financial support-furnish the resources and knowledge that students need to stay in college and graduate with a certificate or degree that will expand their economic opportunities.

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Student Stories

  • “I realized that I have a passion for helping students to succeed, and seeing them succeed. And so now, I’m planning to transfer to the ASU Downtown Campus and pursue a (bachelor’s) degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Management.”

    Abreanna Autote
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  • “One thing my parents always told me growing up was, ‘you can have a car, you can have clothes, and you can buy a lot of things, which you can easily lose.’ They stressed that one thing you can never really lose is your education.”

    Carlos Macias
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  • “If I didn’t have College Success Arizona I wouldn’t be able to pursue my education by any means. They’ve not only provided for me financially but also with resources such as mentorship throughout college.”

    Dina De Leon
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