Students, Education Professionals, and the State of Arizona will continue to benefit from College Success Arizona’s activities in 2017

  By Rich Nickel, President and Chief Executive Officer 2016 was a great year for College Success Arizona, but an even better year for those we serve.  We produced immeasurable impact through our scholarship programs, college success partnerships, research and information efforts, AzCAN activities, and leadership on important state and federal initiatives. High school and […]

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New College Success Arizona Office Assistant has MBA, and Desire to Learn about Nonprofits

College Success Arizona is proud to welcome Nicole Santarsiero to the organization, and to her role as office assistant. By the way, Nicole has an MBA and a strong desire to use her education to help nonprofits and social enterprises operate more efficiently.

Nicole explains, “I’m interested in learning how nonprofits work so that I can use my education and experience to help these organizations operate with greater effect and efficiency. Greater efficiency usually results in saving money, which for nonprofits, can mean more resources can be dedicated toward their core mission.”

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Where Are They Now – Salvador Macias

Graduation hasn’t stopped Salvador Macias; it’s empowered him.

“As a first generation student, I always thought about going to college as this dream,” Macias said. “But when you finally get there, you realize that your dreams and goals don’t end there. You have to think about where you’re going next, and how you can continue to grow.”

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