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Improving Arizona’s college attainment rate is a priority for the education community and policymakers in our state. College Success Arizona’s policy briefs and reports provide essential insights to inform effective decision making that leads to policies and programs that contribute to increased educational attainment in Arizona. Find out more about how Arizona can build a stronger college going culture, expand access to higher education, and support student success.

Changing the ‘narrow and sometimes elitist image of higher education’

The enduring popular concept of what it means to go to college sends young people the message that they’re not “college material” if they’re not interested in, or able to attend, a four-year college or university.

To counter this narrow and sometimes elitist image of higher education, we must build a college-going culture in our communities that is inclusive and that promotes higher education in its many forms as a desirable and attainable goal for all young people.  We as a society — and especially those of us in the education community — must do everything we can to achieve this goal.

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Investing in Need-Based State Grant Aid to Increase College Access and Attainment

A Summary of College Success Arizona’s Policy Briefs on the Importance of State Grant Aid (April 2017) A quick read on Arizona higher education funding programs and ideas to strengthen state need-based grant aid. This four-page policy brief provides a readable recent history of the systemic decline in state support for higher education, including a […]

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