State’s Financial Aid System Needs Some Help of Its Own

Arizona has some of the largest and most recognized universities and community colleges in the nation, and together, they fulfill a critical role in preparing our state’s future workforce. 

Yet of the $2.4 billion spent on financial aid, nearly all is spent at the four-year college level. And less than one-half of 1 percent of that cash comes from state appropriations. The remainder is generated from within the institutions. Worse, there is no institutional aid program for students who choose to attend a community college or for career readiness.

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College Parents of America releases 2017-18 College Parent Handbook for Student Success

By John Fees College Parents of America just released the 2017-18 College Parent Handbook for Student Success. This publication marks the 20th-anniversary milestone of the founding of the organization whose mission is to promote greater student achievement & college completion. The importance of family support to both attending and completing college is well established.  Families are […]

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