This missing piece may be Arizona’s key to the higher education access and attainment puzzle

Increased postsecondary attainment will shape the future of Arizona.

The massive economic and social benefits of increasing postsecondary access and attainment will substantially enhance the state’s economy and expand opportunities for more Arizona residents. Central to this effort is the irrefutable need to empower more low-income Arizonans with greater access to postsecondary education opportunities.

To be clear, there is no magic bullet to increased attainment. The solution is a giant and complex puzzle, with several pieces in place and many key pieces still missing. Need-based aid is the vital “corner piece”, that must be inserted for the puzzle to lock together.

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Guest Post – 6 Different Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loans

When members of the college class of 2017 walk across the stage to accept their diplomas, they’ll be carrying with them the greatest debt burden of any graduating class in history. The same was true of the 2016 class, and the same will again be true of the 2018 class. The unfortunate reality is that student debt has been skyrocketing for years, and there is no sign of change in the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, there are options available that may offer relief. If you’re a member of one of these debt-laden classes, consider exploring some of the following strategies to help you manage your student loans.

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