College Attainment and Future Success Begins with Improved Financial Aid

For individuals from all walks of life, higher education is the key to a future of opportunity and success. It is increasingly rare to find well-paying jobs that do not require some sort of education or training beyond high school. Degrees and professional certificates are key drivers of economic opportunity and mobility. Why, then, do […]

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Partnerships: The Key to Student Success

The following article appeared in the March 21, 2018 edition of EdSurge: As the labor market becomes increasingly dependent on skilled workers who have at least some education beyond high school—whether that means an associate or bachelor’s degree, or a professional credential—student success in college is as important as it has ever been. Regrettably, though, […]

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State’s Financial Aid System Needs Some Help of Its Own

Arizona has some of the largest and most recognized universities and community colleges in the nation, and together, they fulfill a critical role in preparing our state’s future workforce. 

Yet of the $2.4 billion spent on financial aid, nearly all is spent at the four-year college level. And less than one-half of 1 percent of that cash comes from state appropriations. The remainder is generated from within the institutions. Worse, there is no institutional aid program for students who choose to attend a community college or for career readiness.

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