College access professional training (cap)

AzCAN wants to ensure all students receive assistance with planning for postsecondary education and that college access professionals have the knowledge and expertise to provide accurate information to students.

AzCAN’s College Access Professional (CAP) Training will help professionals develop an understanding of their role in developing a college-going mission for all students, particularly students in poverty or facing other barriers in postsecondary planning. All the courses are designed for anyone who provides direct service to students, no matter what their role may be. AzCAN encourages cohorts of staff to participate in the courses together as creating an action plan is a course component.

The curriculum includes readings, activities and online discussions, allowing professionals from all over the state of Arizona to interact and learn from each other.  Each module takes approximately 4-6 weeks and 20 hours to complete, consisting of 1-2 hours per day.  Students who successfully complete a module are eligible for 20 continuing education units. Those who complete the three core modules become an Arizona College Access Professional.

CAP Training is provided in online modules, consisting of three core modules and three specialized modules:

Session 1: Understanding The National Workforce Landscape and 21st Century Careers
Session 2: Cultural Competency and Equity
Session 3: Understanding, Communicating, and Advocating for the Role of the School Counselor in College and Career Planning
Session 4: Creating a School-Wide College-Going Culture
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Session 1: Supporting Student Career Awareness and Development
Session 2: Engaging Students in Career and Postsecondary Planning
Session 3: Using Data to Address Equity and to Guide Academic and Career Planning
Session 4: Helping Students Make Postsecondary Choices
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Session 1: Guiding Parents and Students through the Complexities of Financial Aid
Session 2: Assisting with the Financial Aid Process
Session 3: Preparing for College Admission Tests
Session 4: Application Process
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Session 1: Developing a College-Going Culture in Your Middle School
Session 2: Helping Middle Grade Students and Families Understand the Value and Affordability of Postsecondary Education
Session 3: Engaging Middle Grade Students in Self-Exploration of Career Interests and Skills
Session 4: Using Data to Address Equity and Create Early Warning Systems
Session 5: Engaging Middle Grade Students and Families in Academic Planning and Transitions
Session 6: Helping Students Develop Mindsets and Skills for Academic and Career Success
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Session 1: Understanding and Identifying Special Populations
Session 2: Building Support Systems for Special Populations
Session 3: Academic Progress and Planning
Session 4: Postsecondary Exploration
Session 5: College Admission Process & Financial Aid
Session 6: Transition to College
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Session 1: The Impact of School Counselors on Student Achievement
Session 2: Understanding the Role of the School Counselor
Session 3: Setting Expectations for a Comprehensive School Counseling Program in Your School
Session 4: Strengthening the School Counselor-Principal Relationship
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Participants must have completed the three core modules prior to taking this course.
Session 1: 
Advancing the Role of the School Counselor Through Ethical Practice and Advocacy
Session 2: Evaluating and Refining Your College and Career Advising Programs
Session 3: Working with School-Based and Community Partners
Session 4: Maximizing School Counselors’ Time and Effectiveness

Session 1: Communicating Career Options and Associated Postsecondary Education
Session 2: Connecting Postsecondary Planning to Career Goals
Session 3: Helping Students and Families Make Informed Postsecondary Decisions
Session 4: Maximizing Success for Students in the Application and Admissions Process
Session 5: Supporting Students’ Transition to Postsecondary Education


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*ADE is the Arizona Department of Education*

AzCAN can create courses upon request for 12 or more professionals. CAP Courses do not have to be taken in any specific order.
For more information or questions CAP Training, contact Shaylinn Aleman at or 602-710-1366.

Arizona college access professionals

These leaders are prepared to help all students plan informed decisions about their education beyond high school. The Arizona College Access Professional designation involves 60 hours of coursework, discussion and action planning in three areas: creating a college-going culture; college and career planning; and financial aid and college applications.

Lorraine Acheson | Candice Alvarez | Jenny Bland | Mark Boggie | Barbara Buchanan | Joyce Daoust | Lacretia Ellsworth | Amanda Gabbitas | Jeanette Gallus | Kim Hemingway | Gary Hubbell | Antoinette Jones | Jessica Knott | Rochelle Long | Donna Lyons | Kat Pastor | Nerissa Patrone | Brenda Powell | Tracy Pressley | Jessica Sanchez | LaShia Scharfenberger | Laura Serna | Sarah Skemp | Diana Sorden | Ellen Spinner | Jill Zitt

Shaylinn Aleman | Melissa Beverly | Elizabeth Carrasco | Marta Carter | Stephanie Clay | Jennifer Corbett | Julie Cota | Kyra Curtis | Amber Dennis | Maria Enrique | Cindy Forsythe | Cynthia Harakaly | Licet Herrera | Judith Laufer | Sarah Meeks | Kristy Meyers | Robert Pappalardo | Elizabeth Paulus | Cindy Percy | Ernest Pouncy | Jennifer Presnal | Joan Proft | Simir Rand | Kelly Robles | Loreal Scott | Patricia Short | Ray Ann Terry | Gretchen Wesbrock

Victor Atchison | Robert Broom | Amy Davidson | Amber Dennis | Katie Hagel | Adrian Lamos | Brenda Loritz | Sarah Meeks | Bobbi Moe | Danielle Romeyn | Yvette Santana | Anna Villarreal | Koni Withers | Danielle Yanez

Craig Alessio | Sara Bostelman  | Samantha Brown | Laura Islas-Brown | Jesus Cordova |  Steven Coronado | Jennifer DiNello | Claudia Finkbeiner |  Petra Flores | Stephen Fowler | Kendra Hobson | Sandra Jenkins | Mario Lopez | Pat Natseway | Lynn Ossowski | Alessia Thomason

Mayte Alonso | Katie Bradeen | Michelle Carag | Myrna Cardenas | Adrian Cascio | Sandra C. Davila | Rene Grijalva | Pam Haggerty | Alexandra Harmon | Kylie Heiner | Henry Holguin | Myrna Jones | William Kibler | Erika Klotz | Teri Kuebler | Janet Martinez | Veronica Miele | Erin Miller | Lizette Monge | Candace Perales | Bryan Pisetsky | Adam Poirier | Lisa Preecs | Ivan Quintana | Felicia Ramirez | Staphany Ramirez | Violeta Ramos | Katie Rasset | Barbra Scrivner | Matt Sotelo | Teresa A. Sprigg | Tammy Sutterby | Gerardo Valencia | Merri Kae VanderPloeg | Delia Withey

Sabrina Araiza | Camila Armenta | Angela Caballero | Marguerite Conners | Flor De Liz Matus | Maria Enciso | Sabryna Jaimez | Roger Lurie | Alexis Knapp | Irene Lane | Ameloisa Martinez-Wright | Tisha Marple | Tara McCall | Arlett Perez | Leslie Shultz-Crist | Lisa Sweet | Jocelyn Whiteneck | Selina Wong

Lisa Cartwright-Harris | Kris Mason