AzCAN Announces Advocacy Platform

August 9th, 2017

By Linda Jensen

With the support of our Advisory Council, the Arizona College Access Network (AzCAN) is taking a major step forward:  We are embarking on our first Advocacy and Awareness campaign.  In the next year we will focus on Arizona’s Advanced Placement (AP) program, bringing you information, updates, and legislation that impact the program. We chose this topic because our state is facing three critical issues in the AP process:

  1. Changes at the federal level threaten the funds our districts have used to subsidize AP exam fees.
  2. Over half of our seniors are not reporting their AP scores to any college or university.
  3. Our state legislature appropriated $5 million to bonuses for teachers and districts this school year, for passing scores on exams.

Through our AP Advocacy and Awareness campaign we aim to disseminate accurate information to students, families, schools and the community, with the larger goal of ensuring that our students have the knowledge and resources necessary to successfully attain a postsecondary education.   Read our Action Plan and stay tuned for the next steps in our campaign.


Linda Jensen in the Director of the Arizona College Access Network (AzCAN), a program of College Success Arizona

AzCAN’s  vision: Every Arizona student has the knowledge and resources necessary to successfully attain a postsecondary education, in order to succeed in life and contribute to the Arizona economy.

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