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AzCAN is a statewide network of people and organizations who share a commitment to postsecondary success for all Arizonans, and the only state network that maintains a broad perspective on college access. AzCAN members and their students are perfectly positioned to advocate for policies to support accessible and affordable postsecondary education.  Our advocacy platforms will grow and evolve to address the challenges facing our students.


2017 Advocacy:  Advanced Placement in Arizona

ISSUE 1: Submitting Scores for College Credit
In 2016 more than half of Arizona’s seniors who took an AP exam did not send their scores to any college or university.  Almost 30% of those students were low-income.  7,322 of the scores not sent were 3 or higher.  See our Student Guide to AP handout.

ISSUE 2: Funding for Exams
Until 2017 Arizona school districts had been able to use dedicated federal funds to subsidize exam fees for low-income students.  To continue this practice, districts need to include it in their proposals for the block grants known as Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants or tap another funding source.

ISSUE 3:  Bonuses for AP Teachers
Arizona Department of Education will be administering an AP incentive program in which $450 per passing score is distributed to schools serving 50% or more FRL students and $300 per passing score goes to all other schools. At least half the bonus goes to teachers.


Read AzCAN’s Action Plan to see how you can get involved in advocating and raising awareness of these issues.

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