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what is benji & why was benji created?

Benji was created to help Arizona families apply for financial aid to support higher education. It is the result of a joint partnership between Achieve60AZ, the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education, College Success AZ, and Arizona State University.

The goal: Help students and families complete the FAFSA as quickly and easily as possible.

Benji uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with its open bot platform to help students get answers to their FAFSA questions instantly—all they need to do is text “Hi Benji.” Benji has been programmed with nearly 700 different types of responses to questions students and parents may have while they are working through their FAFSA. As more Arizona students and parents use this service, Benji will learn and be able to respond to more questions and unique circumstances.

how do i use benji?

Get started by texting “Hi Benji” to 602-786-8171 at any time of day. 

what if benji can't ANSWER MY FAFSA QUESTION?

While Benji knows a lot about FAFSA, no chatbot is perfect.
If Benji doesn’t know an answer, a human will read your question and get you an answer ASAP.

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