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Benji is a first-of-its kind chatbot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology, and was specifically designed to help students, parents, and educators get quick answers to 600+ questions about the FAFSA.As more Arizona students and parents use this service, Benji will continue to learn and respond to more questions and
unique circumstances. Benji is free and easy to use. It is not an app. There is no download required. Benji is not fluent in Spanish yet, but will be able to direct users to some Spanish language resources on FAFSA and financial aid.


Benji provides immediate, confidential answers to questions about the FAFSA. The tool has been programmed to answer 600+ FAFSA and financial aid questions that
students and parents may have while completing their FAFSA. Benji will also capture data such as name, high school, and graduation year in order to group users and send timely, relevant nudges. The information that Benji collects is confidential and will only be used for these purposeS.


To get started, all one needs to do is text the word “Help” to Benji at 602-786-8171. Once a user has texted Benji, it will respond to the dialogue with answers to
questions or links to resources. Benji quickly responds to all questions, 24-7.

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