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Achieve60AZ Update – November 6, 2017

November 8th, 2017

Dear Achieve60AZ Alliance members and supporters,

Thank you for your continued support of Achieve60AZ, and for your tireless work to increase attainment across Arizona.  On behalf of the Achieve60AZ Fiduciary Board, I am happy to share the attached organizational updates and news regarding Achieve60AZ.

We have made significant progress as an alliance over the last two years, and will continue to gain momentum as we enter 2018.  I look forward to continuing our conversations and interacting with the Achieve60AZ Alliance in pursuit of our goals.

Make sure you are following @Achieve60AZ on Facebook and Twitter to see the great successes that many Arizona students are experiencing!  #Go60AZ

All my best,













TO:           Achieve60AZ Alliance

FROM:    Achieve60AZ Fiduciary Directors

  • Eileen Klein, President, Arizona Board of Regents
  • Maria Harper-Marinick, Chancellor, Maricopa Community Colleges
  • Rich Nickel, President and Chief Executive Officer, College Success Arizona
  • Vince Yanez, Senior Vice President, Arizona Community Engagement DATE: 6, 2017

RE:            Organizational updates

Thank you for your ongoing support of Achieve60AZ and your commitment to advancing educational attainment in Arizona. It was nearly two years ago that we all came together for the first time to discuss the crucial need to set an educational attainment goal for Arizona. Our collective vision and hard work has translated into a new statewide goal, endorsement from Gov. Ducey, funding for strategic planning and ongoing momentum as more communities and organizations advance the attainment goal. Plenty of hard work is ahead of us, but we can take pride in the significant accomplishments of our collaborative initiative. Following are a few highlights to keep you updated on recent announcements:

  • Achieve60AZ announced last week a new collaboration with College Success Arizona, which will provide the initiative a nonprofit home to help incubate, evolve and grow. The College Success Arizona board has adopted the Achieve60AZ mission as a strategic priority of the organization, and this will be prominently included in the organizational strategic plan. The Achieve60AZ fiduciary directors will still be responsible for strategic planning and reporting related to the statewide goal.
  • Christine Thompson, who has served as Achieve60AZ’s project manager, is transitioning to her new role as president & chief executive officer of Expect More Arizona. Please join us in congratulating Ms. Thompson on her new position, as well as thanking her for the outstanding work on behalf of Achieve60AZ. Under her guidance, we have made strong progress in strategic planning as well as outreach in the community.
  • Under Christine’s leadership, Achieve60AZ has made strong strides generating awareness of the goal through media placements and social media engagement. Recently, Pinal Central featured a guest editorial from Christine and Judee Jackson, Chair, Achieve Pinal — Achieve60AZ and the imperative to increase educational attainment.
  • College Success Arizona has launched a search for an Achieve60AZ executive director. Reporting to the College Success Arizona president and CEO, the executive director will oversee all staff activity, public relationships and external partnership engagement activities of Achieve60AZ and will take the lead in developing and implementing the organization’s high-level objectives, including establishing and operating the new organization. Please share this position description with colleagues you think may be interested in the applying for the role. Initial submissions will be reviewed on November 15th.

Following the identification of an Achieve60AZ executive director, next steps include reconvening the alliance to discuss and approve a strategic plan to move the state toward 60 percent attainment, and identifying new partners and an expanded leadership council to assist the organization in engaging the community in execution of the plan. We look forward to continuing conversations with your organizations to explore appropriate partnerships.

Please note that future alliance convening and updates will be organized through College Success Arizona. Again, we are proud to count on your continued support of Achieve60AZ and advancing educational attainment in Arizona.


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