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College Access Standards for Student Success

AzCAN’s college access and success standards outline the factors critical to students’ postsecondary success and provide a guide for professionals along the PreK-16 continuum to prepare all students to be college and career ready. These Standards are intended to be used by college access programs and school educators to improve the effectiveness of programs and services.

STANDARD 1: Students build awareness and build aspirations about postsecondary options, including college and careers.

STANDARD 2: Students recognize the roles of social, emotional and cultural factors that affect their postsecondary planning and transition.

STANDARD 3: Students build a rigorous academic foundation and develop academic behaviors essential to preparing for postsecondary pathways.

STANDARD 4: Students develop a comprehensive support system that contributes to their academic success.

STANDARD 5: Students acquire the college knowledge and skills necessary to successfully transition into postsecondary education pathways.

STANDARD 6: Students understand the fundamentals of financial literacy and financial planning for postsecondary education.

STANDARD 7: Students enroll, persist, and successfully complete a postsecondary education program of study.

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