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College Parents of America releases 2017-18 College Parent Handbook for Student Success

August 7th, 2017

By John Fees –

College Parents of America just released the 2017-18 College Parent Handbook for Student Success. This publication marks the 20th-anniversary milestone of the founding of the organization whose mission is to promote greater student achievement & college completion.

The importance of family support to both attending and completing college is well established.  Families are more than just a financial resource for their students.  Parents and their extended families provide mentoring, coaching and emotional support to support their college students on their journey to become more self-reliant.

To that end, the College Parents Handbook is filled with useful insights and tips that will assist students in a successful transition to college.  The publication includes useful articles and checklists on topics such as conversation topics for parents and their students such as completing a FERPA form, paying for college, student health,  accessing university resources and even some humor.

Ultimately, College Parents of America aims to provide the most useful and relevant content to the college parent experience and is designed for parents to be a positive influence in their student’s lives.

In addition to the Handbook, addition content and services can be found at and also within an active community of more than 35,000 friends on fans on social media.   Parents are Please join us for helpful tips, insights & benefits that support student success.


John Fees is a member of the College Success Arizona Board of Directors and leads College Parents of America

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