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Archive for May, 2017

Achieve60AZ and the Imperative to Increased Educational Attainment

By: Christine M. Thompson, Project Manager, Achieve60AZ By the time today’s preschoolers complete high school, seven of every 10 jobs will require some type of higher education.  Arizona must act now to increase the post high school education of our population to be economically competitive. The Achieve60AZ Alliance of 60 statewide education, business, community, and philanthropic […]

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Meet the Achieve60AZ Team – Christine Thompson

This is the tenth in the series of interviews with people working to increase the attainment rate in Arizona.

Normally, we feature members of the College Success Arizona team. However, we feel it’s also important to get to know other people that are working hard to increase the attainment rate in Arizona. In this segment, we’re featuring the Project Manager for the Achieve60AZ initiative, Christine Thompson. We’re asking Christine the normal “tell us a little about yourself” questions, but also delving a little deeper into her personality, finding out a little more about what makes her who she is.

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