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College Students Tackle the Nerve-wracking Job Interview

March 1st, 2016

March 1, 2016

By Troy Wilde

Phoenix, AZ – Succeeding in the often nerve-wrecking job interview process may be easier for the twenty-six college students who attended the inaugural Career Day at College Success Arizona.

Professional Development Day 2bCollege students from across the state practiced job interviews with a human resources expert and also writing their resumes, creating LinkedIn accounts, and had their head shots taken at the event held at the offices of the nonprofit College Success Arizona.

Barbra Scrivner, a success adviser with College Success Arizona, says the training is helping students – freshman through senior – learn skills that are critical in competing in the job market, “We know that many of our students do very well academically but need more support in areas that will help them compete and get a job after they graduate from college.”

Scrivner adds that the students seemed to get a lot out of the experience, “The feedback from them as they left the job interview was ‘wow.’ They said they learned so much from the mock interview which was also videotaped so they can study it later. Our HR pro really helped the students understand how to properly answer questions and what to focus on during a job interview.”

Professional Development DayMeanwhile, Marjorie DeRubeis director of success services at College Success Arizona, says the training is part of an overall evolution, “As we develop beyond providing scholarships and mentoring services, we’re seeing the importance of properly equipping our students to have the best possible resumes, a quality head shot, a strong network of contacts built up and the self-confidence to interact with potential employers. This was a very successful inaugural career day and we’re looking forward to growing the program in the future.”

Abraham Garcia, a junior at Arizona State University who is planning on a career as a physician in sports medicine, says attending the career day was definitely worth the time, “I had no idea about all of the things involved in a job interview and going through an interview with a real HR recruiter helped me understand what employers are looking for. I’m definitely more confident in my abilities and marketability now that I have a good head shot and resume, and also a LinkedIn account which is a cool way to connect with professional people.”

Marcus Cadell, the HR pro, says the students will be entering an ever-shifting workforce, “Today, most employers are leaner than ever before and expect their employees to be very productive. On the flipside, today’s employees want to feel like their part of something beyond just a business transaction and seek meaning in their jobs.”

He adds that acing a job interview often results from making a human connection, “It is always helpful to try and bond with the person interviewing you by offering a compliment or engaging in casual conversation. It’s also very important to know a lot about the company and the job you’re applying for.”

College Success Arizona provides scholarships and mentoring services for high potential students who are economically disadvantaged.

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