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New Report Issued – Doubling Arizona’s Economic Growth – The Potential Fiscal and Social Gains from Increasing Postsecondary Attainment.

January 20th, 2016

On January 21st, we released a new report on college attainment, “Doubling Arizona’s Economic Growth: The Potential Fiscal and Social Gains from Increasing Postsecondary Attainment.” The report shows that raising the post-secondary attainment rate has the potential to double Arizona’s economic growth, equating to an additional $660,000 injected into the economy per college graduate.

The report is the second in our series of reports drawing attention to the need to increase the number of students that apply, stay in and graduate with a post-secondary degree, and the importance of enticing skilled workers from across the country to live and work in the state by improving the economy of our state.

By increasing the number of adults who hold a post-secondary credential we will improve the labor market and the economy as a whole—increasing tax revenues and decreasing government spending.

We need to enact policies that ensure students, particularly low-income, first generation and minority students, receive the key supports they need to stay in school and earn a post-secondary degree.

Too often low-income students don’t apply for or receive the financial assistance they need to stay in school; Latino students in particular receive the least amount, but potentially have the most to gain. We need to implement policies that raise awareness and incentivize ALL students to apply, attend and graduate with post-secondary degrees.

By increasing the post-secondary attainment rate for Arizona to a level that would align with our state’s projected labor needs, the state will make tremendous economic gains at more than $7 billion each year. Other states have similar opportunities to increase economic gains by improving their post-secondary attainment rates.

Improved attainment doesn’t require sweeping reforms. Modest changes will result in significant economic gains and a more educated workforce.

You can view the executive summary here and the full report here. Please share the report with your networks and via social media. For your convenience, here are a few example tweets.

  • New CSA report: Increasing AZ’s #highered attainment rate could double its economic growth rate
  • The impact of AZ increasing its #highered attainment rate to the national average? $7.4 Billion
  • The potential fiscal & social gains from increasing #postsecondary attainment in AZ &
  • New report by @CollegeAZ shows raising attainment rate has potential to inject additional $660,000 per college grad in AZ

You can read the first report in the series, “Advancing the Economy Through Attainment: What Arizona Can Learn From States with Higher Education Attainment Goals,” here.

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