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Where Are They Now – Nazik Kambar

July 8th, 2015

Where Are They Now – Nazik Kambar, RN

By Elizabeth Parra Valenzuela

Nazik Kambar-reducedThis is the first in a series of articles featuring former College Success Arizona Scholars, to see where they’ve gone, once they graduated from college.  These articles are designed
to give a more personal insight into each of our former scholars, to give them the opportunity to share their insight on what it takes to obtain a college degree and why a that degree is so important.

For Nazik Kambar, finally clutching that hard earned diploma symbolized much more than a completed college education.

The only one of ten family members to attend college, Kambar’s self-motivation led her to achieve many milestones including graduating nursing school and attaining an RN position at the prestigious Phoenix Children’s Hospital on the pediatrics floor.

College was a time in her life where sleep deprivation, working two jobs and eating Ramen noodles for a week were often necessary for survival.

At 14, unforeseen circumstances caused Kambar’s siblings to become her guardian. At that young age, she took complete responsibility for her finances and education becoming the independently successful person she is today.

College Success Arizona not only helped to fund Kambar’s education, but also provided her with mentorship that impacted her achievements.

“I didn’t have my parents for guidance so having someone keep me on track; that was a really big motivator for me,” Kambar said. “Just having someone ask me about my grades or how my semester was going really instilled positive pressure on me.”

There were times during her college career where giving up seemed like the only option. But the motivation provided by her Success Adviser, Myrna Cardenas, gave her a positive perspective of the successful career that was yet to come.

Kambar learned to set goals and become task-oriented, skills she consistently uses in both her personal and professional life.

That’s why she encourages students to take everything with a sense of urgency and importance.

“Be very conscientious of every decision you make now. Get in, get it done and get out,” Kambar said. “That’s how school should be. Just look around, and realize everyone there is doing it too.”

Her love for learning is leading her to pursue a doctorate in pediatric medicine, which she hopes to complete during her future time in the military. Before then she would like to travel, doing mission and crisis work in underprivileged countries.

“A lot of my success is attributed to people’s kindness,” Kambar said. “So I want to thank College Success Arizona for what they do, for helping me achieve my goals and leading future students to success.”


Elizabeth Parra Valenzuela is a Communication and Engagement Intern and attends the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

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