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The Benefits of an Educated Population

We all know that college provides economic rewards to degree holders. A recent article in the journal “Science” put the true cost of college at “negative” $500,000, meaning that going to college results in a half-million dollars of additional lifetime earnings. But how would Arizona benefit from more of its citizens holding college degrees?

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Top 5 Ways to Overcome College Success Barriers in Arizona

Getting in to college is hard! Graduating is often even harder. There are many, many barriers that prevent our children from reaching that elusive goal – obtaining their college degree. Five of these barriers are, financial, academics, motivation, access, and continuing support.

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Arizona’s Quality of Life – Connecting the Dots

Let’s connect the dots on some recent important news related to the quality of life in Arizona.

On Wednesday, March 4th, Phoenix Business Insider reported that Arizona dropped from its top 10 position to the 21st best state economy in the nation. One of the key factors cited for this was the state’s high unemployment rate.

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