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College Success Arizona awards scholarships to Pell Grant eligible students who show high potential for college success.  Each scholar is assigned a Success Adviser who provides support and encouragement to them as they navigate through the collegiate process. CSA also offers intensive College Success Services as a value added program to partner organizations to increase completion chances for students in which they have an interest and investment.

Currently just over 25% of Arizonans hold a bachelor’s degree. In order to be nationally competitive and draw more jobs and industry to our state, Arizona needs a more educated workforce.  The Arizona Board of Regents 2020 plan states that, based on expected growth, Arizona needs to double the number of degrees awarded annually. 

According to a recent Georgetown study, by 2020, nearly 70% of jobs in Arizona will require a career certificate or college degree.   Currently, 31% of Arizona adults have an associate degree or higher resulting in a 37% skills gap.  Complete College America

College Success Arizona has developed a proven approach to assist students in reaching their educational goals. Nearly a decade of experience, observation and results have led to a structured set of supports, services and programs that together build mutual accountability and lead to enhanced academic performance.

Our Advisory Services range from a data-driven Initial Student Success Assessment, to professional mentoring delivered by dedicated Success Advisers, peer mentoring, professional development and networking through our Annual Leadership and Networking Symposium.

When you add proactive communications, clear expectations and a relationship with scholars built on mutual trust and consistency, you can see why our mentored students perform at much higher levels than their peers.

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