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    Arizona College Access Network (AzCAN) supports a network of more than 200 college access and success organizations across the state.

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    success services

    Our mentors, or College Success Advisers, are helping college students across the state of Arizona increase their chances of getting a degree.

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    statewide Network

    Our partnerships with schools, college access organizations, scholarship programs and funders ensure a seamless pathway for college success.

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    why college matters

    A college degree makes a huge difference for graduates and their families. It also improves the workforce and economic health of Arizona.

Improving the quality of life across Arizona

College Success Arizona is increasing college completion rates, by helping people understand why college is important to the future of our state and by providing scholarships and mentoring services that help Latino and low-income students succeed.

Latest News

Traveling in the US and elsewhere can be an exciting and enriching experience but travel can also come with its share of challenges. For the past several years traveling in Mexico and other parts of Central and South America has been riskier than just a generation ago.

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Born and raised in a South Phoenix neighborhood riddled with crime and gang violence, Jonathan Yamasaki didn’t have the easiest of childhoods. He was picked on at school, got into fights, and halfway through his adolescence was forced to move to a completely new town. Despite these situations, he was able to overcome these hardships and choose a brighter path.

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